Multifamily and Apartment Refinishing in Kansas City


Based in Dallas, Texas, Surface Restoration has been dedicated to resurfacing countertops, cabinets, and bathtubs since 1999.

You can feel confident choosing Surface Restoration for your refinishing needs in Wichita. We are fully insured and vendor approved by OPS, RMIS, Vendor Cafe, Nexus, Compliance Depot Texas #303294, and more. As active members of the Apartment Association of Kansas City, we've gained knowledge of the local multi-family landscape. We hire all our technicians locally and provide training and safety equipment to help boost the local economy. At Surface Restoration, we understand the limited time window you have to update your units for your new and existing tenants. Our team is dedicated to strengthening our customer relationships and delivering professional quality results in a timely fashion. We are listed on multiple property management companies’ preferred vendor lists due to our dedication to product quality and choices, workmanship, and safety.

Countertop Refinishing

Kitchen and bathroom counters naturally develop imperfections with regular usage, but did you know you don't have to undergo a full replacement every year? Refinishing your countertops as opposed to replacing can save property managers thousands of dollars and hours, allowing your tenants to move in or return to their units quickly and safely. We offer a variety of kitchen and bathroom countertop color choices, including custom colors from scratch. A fume evacuation system is utilized in the unit’s air system.

Bathroom Tub and Shower Resurfacing

Are your unit’s bathtubs, showers, or tile surrounds discolored, cracked/chipped, or full of grime? Refinishing can make your bathroom look new and potentially adds up to 10 years before a full replacement is needed! Our technicians apply primers and adhesion promoters on all tubs and showers, and utilize a fume evacuation system to keep the air clean and safe for your residents. Don't forget to follow the instructions on our bathtub Care Sheets to keep your bathtubs looking their best.

Cabinet Refacing and Custom Cabinet Door Manufacturing

Cabinetry is a crucial component to a beautiful unit. We manufacture hundreds of custom cabinet doors per day at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Cabinet refacing with our thermofoil doors is a cost-effective solution that can extend the time needed before a total replacement by 5-10 years. We offer 8 styles and 30+ 3DL laminate finishes to give your property a unique flair.


Local Representatives

Scheduling & Customer Service: Crystal Owens | 866-522-1908
Sales: Matt Huff | 816-808-5914

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